Shall We Wait for Angels to Come & Rescue Dr Afia

By Waqas Ahmed

It’s a moment of shame for all of us that since last one year, from July 2008 when Dr Afia’s case was brought in the media by people like Yvonne Ridely and Moazzam Begg, we are still waiting for angels to come from Skies to rescue our Sister.

We have politicians who can shake the government, opponents and can run movements in the name of so called freedom of justice, yet they find it hard to pressurize the government to take the Dr Afia’s case seriously. We have politicians who are experts in negotiating rescheduling of Loans, yet they find it hard to negotiate Dr Afia’s release with US Authorities. We have politician who claims to be Companion of Oppressed yet they remain silent on Dr Afia’s case.

Its now time that we peoples of Pakistan should exert all our efforts to pressurize our government in all ways. We should keep this case alive and should bring it to top priorities for ourselves, for our government.

To pressurize US Government, Pakistan should immediately withdraw transit facilities given for US and NATO Military Shipments to Afghanistan, as the US continues to keep Dr. Afia in their custody on the basis of their cooked story on which no one can believe.

To support this join Facebook Group:

Stop US/NATO shipments for Release of Dr Afia Siddiqui

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11 Responses to Shall We Wait for Angels to Come & Rescue Dr Afia

  1. Kashif says:


    Truth is, we will not wakeup untill they will take away our own sister. Untill then, we will sleep

  2. Farooq says:

    I simply have no words to explain my feelings on this issue…… How come we are tolerating this uptill now…….

  3. Asif says:


    Hum logo ko apni govt sey khuch bhi umeed nahi rekni chaheye…… Chahey Nawaz ho ya Zardari…dono ney bari bari mulk ko lootna hai….aur bus… Unkey kano per to aser hee nahi hoga khuch bhi ker lo…….

  4. Khurram Javed says:

    I think some time back, their shipments were attacked…;) it should start again, because we should not expect from this government, that they will do something,… they not more than slaves and have already sold their souls to their masters…Anyway its a good idea to pressurize US Government…

  5. […] Shall We Wait for Angels to Come & Rescue Dr Afia […]

  6. Miror says:

    It seems, every body has forgotten … atleast we should remember her in our prayers…. Her case has shaken whole Ummah and all those englightened muslims…who justify barbarism and brutality of west..

  7. Aisha says:

    Begherti ki inteha hai…… abhi bhi kitney esey log hein……jin ko yeh maloom bhi nahi hai……key woh beqasooor hai……..aur hamara media……. bhi Mashallah…… esey interviews aur news deta hai…..hai key jesey waqei woh Al Qaida kee member thee………. Lanet ho hamarey media per bhi……aur hamarey siaset dano per bhi……jin ko apni siaset chamkaney key siwa khuch ata hee nahi hai

  8. Farhan says:

    Should we expect any thing from our cheap and dirty politicians..

  9. […] Shall We Wait for Angels to Come & Rescue Dr Afia […]

  10. […] Shall We Wait for Angels to Come & Rescue Dr Afia […]

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