Aafia’s sister Speaks on Return of Pakistanis from Saudi Arabia

Dr Aafia’s sister, Dr Fouzia Siddiqui is hopeful for Aafia, on return of Pakistanis who are freed and returned back to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia due to diplomatic efforts from Pakistan. Shahid Amin Ex Foreign Minister says, there is a lot of anti American Feeling in Pakistan, and if America wants to reduce this, they have to free Aafia, as it will bring a change in public opnion.

Although Geo has reported, but my heart bleeds, when Geo Reporter says, “Afia in US prison for last two years”… As if these (GEO) are still unaware about her past five year secret detention and torture in Bagram, as if this has nothing to do with her case, like Pakistani Government who handed over Aafia in 2003, but still they need a proof to say it.

Our question is simple,

Why Afia should be trialed for an event which occured in July  2008? where as she was in their secret detention since 2003.

Before she prove her innnocene, why not Pakistani Government ask Americans to prove that she was not in their secret detention.

The case is simple, but its really surprising how such a powerful tv channel like GEO gives report like this and overlooks such an important point which US liers wants everybody not to see or listen.

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