Aafia’s Mother & Sister Interview (Translation)

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AssalamoAlaikum Viewers

Program Alim Online Special, Amir Liaquat Hussain is with you.

Viewers! Right now I am at the home of  Dr Afia SIddiqui, Daughter of  Pakistani Nation & Daughter of Muslim Ummah who is facing continuous hardships & Toruture.

Her mother Mrs Ismat Siddiqui and her sister Fouzia Siddiqui, who is fighting case for her sister and has devoted her life for release of Dr Aafia. Today I am with them.

Dr Afia Siddiqui, who is presently in American Jail, I don’t know whether the whole nation is emotionless or not but I am pretty sure that Rulers and Government is completely emotionless and senseless. Had their own daughter going through such a inhuman treatment, may be in that case their response could be different. But Afia probably is not their daughter, Probably Afia has nothing to do with Green Color of Pakistani Flag. Probably, according to them, Afia is not even a muslim.

Before we talk on what happening with her, I want to share with you some views of the members of jury, who are going to decide her fate, the people who are selected by Uncle Sam to deliver the justice, America the Champion for the Justice, who has deep concern if election in Iran is not clean, they have worries about Iranian Nation, they have sympathies for Iranian Nation, If North Korea, tries to get Nuclear Technology, again they have deep concerns about it, because they are the ones for whom Peace of the world is necessary. Similarly there are many other issues where America wants to involve itself as they are playing the role of Policeman for whole world. But people who are selected to deliver the justice, the Jury, first listen to their comments.

One the Jury member says, “For God Sake Just shoot her & get it over with, these useless bastards, deserve nothing more, nothing less.”

Another member of Jury says, “The Jail Guard, should be the ones receiving therapy after seeing that enemy of US”,

Another member of Jury says, “A firing squad sounds good” and then using filthy language he says, “ Jut put the bullet in pork’s grease first, and then should be fired on Afia. This is not a new, In 1857 war, for making Kartoos (bullet) shell pork grease was used, to humiliate Muslims of India. This is not surprising, they know it very well, that Pork is Haram in Islam, that is why intentionally they make fun of it.

Then the jury member says, “Offcourse she is not crazy, She is terrorist, She shouldn’t be on Tiral, She should be dead, or in a Prisoner of War Camp (POW).

These are the views of the members of Jury, who are going to hear her case. Now you can imagine how much Aafia will get justice. People who have already decided punishment for her, its useless to expect any justice from them.

We will talk more on this issue, We have Mrs Ismat Siddiuqi, and Dr Fouzia Siddiqui, with us. Viewers you can sms us and call us, Please don’t remain silent, express your feelings, let the world know what Pakistani nation is feeling for her daughter, atleast we can say something for her, and your words and feelings will definitely reach her.

Dr Amir Liaquat

Ismat Khala Assalamolaikum!

Afia’s mother

Walikumassalam my son!

Dr Amir Liaquat

I will not ask how are, because its stupid to ask this question from a mother whose daughter is facing hardships, torture, prisoned in a cage, in naked condition, I won’t ask you, how are you. But I would like know, what do you know about your daughter, how she is right now, what the latest situation there, Let the nation know, they would like to hear from you.

Afia’s mother

Yes my son! As you have already told every thing that people who are going to hear the case, who are going to deliver justice, when they have such kind of views, what we can expect from them. And Afia’s current situation is informed by one of our friends who met her one week before, and then he called us to convey her message, she said that “They have kept her in worst & absolute painful condition”. We came to know that they made her naked, and then shackled and then put in a cage to move to another location.

Dr Amir Liaquat

We have information that she is forced to walk over Quran, is that true?

Afia’s mother

The information I have about this issue is that when they saw that she always recite Quran even when she is not given Quran,  Because she is Hafiza she recites. Once she was tortured and she started screaming that I can not see any thing, and then my son complaint the authorities about it,  their response was “ She is fraud, clever and doing drama and they were justifying their statement with excuse that she can recite Quran very easily. Then we said to them, that to recite Quran she doesnot need it, as it is saved in her heart, she holds Quran in hand for Baraka. My son said to them, She is Hafiza and take Quran from her, even then she will recite. Another woman there, also confirmed to them that even if she don’t have Quran, she recites it. After this issue my son argued with the authorities for her medical treatment. When they took her form Hospital to Jail, they threw Quran in her feet on which she screamed. This was painful for her, even more than torturing and making her naked.

Actually any statement in favor of Afia will be altered, and after few days, Doctors will change their statement. I don’t know because of US Government’s pressure or for some other reason, they change their statement after few days.

In her educational career he has won almost 75 awards from his school to MIT, and all her prizes and documents are with me if any one wants to see it.

Afia’s sister

In court there was outburst from Afia, in response to Judge’s comments that he presumes that Afia is innocent, and in response she said to judege that these are your orders that they do forced strip searching, then she turns to other side and showed her arms covered in blood and wounds, to the every body present in court. Although there was cloth on her face, but those who were able to have a glimpse of her face, they confirmed that there were signs of torture on her face. She said that “they strip me naked and then ask me walk over Quran to get the clothes, shouldn’t I resist. These are ordered by judge, is there anyone who can pass this info to outside”. That’s what she appealed.

One of the person who attended the hearing said this what I told you and another have just said that she complained that they throw Quran in my feet and strip her naked.

Afia’s mother

These are the messages we got from others as they did not allow my son to be there.

Afia’s sister

Only those people who were in court room, were able to listen, others were in observation room where all American technology got failed and audio was a kind that in observation room they could only see. But there are people inside court room, including two journalists from Pakistan who in the break reported her complaint that “they put Quran in her feet and strip her naked”  in media live from there, and I recorded and uploaded on internet.

Dr Amir Liaquat

Viewers, how they do strip search, its not a new phenomena or surprising, We show you a video released by Channel 3 News in which an American woman is strip searched by police. If they can treat an American woman in such a way, you can easily imagine how they would be treating a muslim woman, whom they have already labled terrorist.

Ms Fouzia Siddiqui! we would like to know that all efforts done uptill now, have shown any result, Is government itself is serious about this issue, or want to keep the issue pending like other issues?

Afia’s sister

As you know, that I have been meeting all high ups in government, and I appreciate that atleast they meet, if they refuse what will I do. But in meeting everybody gave us hope and showed sympathy. But now when I look back, it seems all it was a drama and formality, but without any result. My objective is just simple, that Afia comes home and her mother could see her and hug her again.

Dr Amir Liaquat

Right and whatsoever legal proceedings are, it should go on here.

Afia’s sister

I think the pain and helplessness our family has gone through in last 6 years, nothing can be done to bring back these six years or do justice for it. All we want is to just pickup the broken pieces and go on. Example of diplomatic efforts can bee seen in case, when Iranian authorities caught one American Spy woman, and USA made all diplomatic efforts, even their allies supported them to bring back their spy woman on goodwill gesture. And what Americans did with Iran after that, it shows the difference.

Ten to eleven months time is enough for diplomatic efforts, specially whey you are key partner, you are an ally in their war on terror. You say, we have good friendship ties. All I want to ask from them, that Friends treats their friend’s innocent daughters like this, they humiliate, they make fun of their religion. Now its not just a matter of my sister only. Now they have insulted us by throwing Quran in Feet. Afia for whom there is noting valuable other than Quran, they threw Quran in her feet, and our government not even said a single word in protest, for which I really feel sad. Before court hearing every 3 or 4 days from foreign office, even Mr Hussain Haqqaani used to call my mother to give her hope, which I was always thankful to him that atleast he is giving hope to my mother which sometimes I failed to do so. But after recent hearing in court there is no phone call from Foreign office.

Dr Amir Liaquat

We have heard that in the beginning from government side, Molana Fazlurehman came to meet you to give hope? And then they never contacted?

Afia’s sister

Their representatives are here nearby who often contact us to show sympathy. They also showed us their letters which foreign office has sent to secretary of state etc.

Dr Amir Liaquat

Yes everbody has sympathy but on this issue no one in the government is willing to step down, or leave his chair. In other cases, many will come out to threat to leave the government but on this issue, none of the ally is willing to leave his place.

Afia’s sister

I think whenever anybody raises the issue, they say we are doing efforts. They always give us hope of few days, that within 10 or 15 days, we will braught her back. They never gave more than 14 / 15 days wait and we stick to the hope that where we have waited years, few days more.

Afia’s mother

Mr Haqaani have also assured us many times, that I will bring her back, He also said that her mother has strictly warned her to let Afia back to her home.

Dr Amir Liaquat

How many times Mr Haqqani has said that?

Afia’s mother

Around 15 to 20 times. He always says that he is doing it for his own self. He says to me that I am his mother and his heaven is under my feet. To get this heaven I will bring her back. He assures me that he is sincere for Afia. eHe He HHh  fLike this when he gives me hope I really become hopeful. He said that he will see this personally and no one can harm her now, but now she is in a painful condition. People have told us that when she showed her arms in the courtroom blood and wounds can be easily seen.

Dr Amir Liaquat

Did you meet Interior Minister Abdul Rehman Lik also? What did he say?

Afia’s sister

Yes I met with him, he also said that he is raising this issue and doing efforts.

Dr Amir Liaquat

Did he ever give you hope that he will bring back Afia, or any timeperiod?

Afia’s siter

No, I think he is the person who never lied, and said only that he is trying at his level and then he tried to avoid us. He is the one person who never lied, that we will bring her back in few days. Prime Minister has said that I will do it on my level, so please do not go to lower levels. His words were, Now you are on highest level of the Democratic government, now you will not need to meet at lower levels on this issue. When we met him, Hoolbrook was there, He also said that if you want we can talk to Hoolbrook but I want to deal on my level.

Dr Amir Liaquat

Yes its right, he will deal at his level…. Whatever his level is.

Ms Fouzia, Have you consulted any Scholar to take Fatwa, that If a muslim woman , whatever her age is, she is in imprisoned by non muslim country or soldiers, what should be done by govnerment or by people of his country.

Afia’s siter

Yes we have sent this case to many scholars. We have received one fax, today, its from Seven muftis which states, “ if any woman is imprisoned in non muslim country, in that case, every muslim who has knowledge about her imprisonment, should do his best on individual as well as collective level to get her rescued from the imprisonment of non muslims. In that regard, Government has more responsibility to bring back its citizens, from Islamic point of view.”

Dr Amir Liaquat

Viewers, Professor Mufti Muneeburehman who is head of the Union of Madaris, and is head of the Madaris Ehle Sunnat, also chairman of Hilal Committee, and is also Mufti Azam Pakistan. Lets hear from him what would be the responsibility of Govnerment and people of the country whose woman is imprisoned by non muslim soldiers or State. We would also like to hear form him what would be the responsibility of Muslim Ummah in this regard.

Mufti Muneeburehman

In todays world it is general principle, that wherever crime is committed, or if he is charged for some crime, then in the same country, same place, or at nearest court it is trialed. Even at our city level, whenever crime is committed, it is seen under which police station’s jurisdiction it lies. The same police station registers fir in whose jurisdiction crime is committed. So according to this principle if Afia has committed any crime then its trial should be in Pakistan. Because crime is not commited in USA. Similarly people who were detained from Afghanistan, and then shifted to Guantanamobay Prison. The main reason for setting up Guantanamobay Prison was that setting up trials for those detained people was not possible according to US Justice Sytem. So it is naturally questionable that why the system of justice which they have made for their own citizien, they are not allowing it to give it to other human beings. If American government had asked Pakistani to hand over Dr Afia, then it was responsibility of Government to ask from US government proofs, and then It should have trialed in Pakistani courts. Just live after Mumbai Attack, Indian government handed over a list of wanted persons. But Pakistani Government did not hand over any person to India and asked Indian government to provide proofs and information on the basis of which their suspects will be trialed and punished in Pakistan if they found guilty of doing so. So my question is, why this criteria was not put forward in the case of Dr Aafia Siddiqui.

Dr Amir Liaquat

We have heard in newspaper that in last hearing, Afia said few words for the judge, so we would like to know what atmosphere was in courtroom and what did she say.

Afia’s sister

It was 6 hours long court hearing and I was getting first hand information from people who were coming out from the court room. What happened in court, obviously lawyer will tell us, but I was concerned about afia, in which condition she was, what she said. One of the person who attended the hearing, he told me, when this process was going on, and when Judge gave remarks about her that she is delusional. She stoodup and very politely said “ I am not crazy, I have not hurt anybody and have no intentions to doing so, I want to bring peace justice and light to this world, and I am not against America, She also said, I am not against Israel, I am not against America, I am  not against any religion. I am a muslim and I believe in peace. I am an educated woman and I know what is going on, and may be I can help in creating peace, doesn’t every one want peace. Against this judge says its delusional, she is imprisoned, what she can do for peace. Then there was complete silence. Judge says to her, Yes I am on your side, and I believe in the presumption of your innocence. As previously we had raised this issue that they have made slogan for her that she is guilty and is not allowed to prove her innocene. But this time judge clarified. In response Afia says, if you believe in my innocence, they why did they show me your orders of forces strip search, it was done on your orders, and they torture me and they torture me every single day and they strip me naked. Then she turns to audience and told them about the Quran issue. She turned back again to the judge to say to him, that these were your orders and that is why I do not believe in your system, or your court. The interesting thing to note, that every body in the court has tear in his eyes, there was pin drop silence in the court, and the prosecutor who usually always trying to object everything to rule out  and make her silent, he himself was motionless.

Dr Amir Liaquat

Ismat Khala! Whole nation is hearing you, would you to say last few words from your brothers and muslim ummah. Where I am sitting now in this home, Aafia was here before, was in front of your eyes, and there is a her fragrance. No one can snatch from mother fragrance of her daughter, and not from daughter even fragrance of her mother.

What would you like to say.

Afias mother

My son! When I see you, past memories very quickly comes in my mind, when everybody used to say, that if there is competition in boys, Amir will lead, and if there is competition in girls, Aafia will lead. When you both are coming with prizes, and your mother is sitting beside me. That moment I can never forget. Today you are in front of my eyes, but only Afia and your mother is not here.

But Here I Would also like to mention that after hearing, one of the person who attended the hearing called me from America , and said today I became Muslim, He said I had heard that one Momin will overcome 100 person but today I saw that one Momina leading over Whole Muslim World. The way she was speaking, every body said that she is the greatest women of the world. So he said to me that your daughter has made me Muslim and I don’t know how many other became Muslim from their hearts. Because everybody has tears in his eyes, and American women there were literally weeping like children. So now I would like to appeal the Muslim Ummah, to do something for her release

She lived there, fifteen years, but she has only Pakistani nationality.

Dr Amir Liaquat

Yes and we have some ministers here who have American nationality.

Afias Mother

:So I appeal to the muslim Ummah its now matter of Quran.

Afias sister

Its not new, they have done same things with other muslims and in guantanamobay.

Dr Amir Liaquat

Yes its true, and look at our government that the person who teared off pages of Quran Pak (Naozubillah) and flushed in toilet, to the same person General Hood we are giving position of Defence Attache in Pakistan. This is how we are lyaing down ourselves in their slavery.

Dr Amir Liaquat

I would like to thank you Ismat Khala and Dr Fouzia Siddiqui, for talking with us. We are praying to Almighty Allah that our sister, Nation’s daughter and daughter of Whole Mulsim Ummah, she may released soon.

But I am sad only for one thing that Afia is in American Jail, If she would be in prison of Taliban and her name would be Chand Bibi, and she would be beaten by lashes ( for which I don’t know whether the video is fake or not) but the storm came in media after that video and NGO’s geared up to take revenge of every single lash, rallies were arranged, just to take care of chand bibi’s. I wish Dr Afia to be Chand Bibi, from Swat, and to be in Taliban Prison instead of US prison. Because to be in US Prison its not a noticeable things for the high ups in the government. For them only noticeable are those women who are beaten by Talibans. I wish if our Sister Afia was Chand Bibi.

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