Dr Aafia Siddiqui – Victim of US Lies

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No More Lies – We Demand Aafia’s Immediate Release

Yvonne Ridley’s Diary on her Justice for Aafia U.S. Tour

It was a successful event and, as you would expect, everyone left with a hardened resolve to do what they could to help Dr Aafia Siddiqui whom I had highlighted as a woman denied justice for more than six years since she and her three children were abducted from Karachi in March 2003

Day 1 Brooklyn Ny Day 2 Coney Island Day 3 Leaving Ny

Day 4 Albama Day 5 Georgia Day 6 Milwaukee Day 7 Dallas

Final Day

The Story of the Brown Box-By Aafia’s Brother-By Afia’s Brother

Aafia’s sister Speaks on Return of Pakistanis from Saudi Arabia

Yeh To Pathar Hein Pathar (Urdu Article)

Protest for Release of Dr Aafia (Pictures)

Yvonne Ridely Speaks at “Beyond Guantanamo”

Yvonne Ridley speaks about the case of Dr Aafia Siddiqui at Cageprisoners event “Beyond Guantanmo” 30 August 2009 Kensington Town hall. UK.

Video Bagram Escapees Reveal Aafia’s Condition in Afghan Prison

In 2005  four arab detainees of Bagaram escaped and while on run they gave interview to a tv Channel Al Arabia about their escape and also revealed that there is Pakistani woman detainee  and her screams prompted them to go for a hunger strike for 9 days, to pressurize US soldiers, to end torturing her.

Video Dr Aamir Liaquat with Afia’s family members Dr Aamir Liaquat takes an exclusive interview of Afia’s mother and sisterr. They disclose the heinous circumstances which Afia has been facing under America’s custody including strip search & torture. Afi’as sister also gives updates about her trial and told what did Afia say in the court.

Video Little Girl Sings a Poem for Dr Afia Siddiqui

Shall We Wait for Angels to Come & Rescue Dr Afia To pressurize US Government, Pakistan should immediately withdraw transit facilities given for US and NATO Military Shipments to Afghanistan, as the US continues to keep Dr. Afia in their custody on the basis of their cooked story on which no one can believe.

Terrorized by the War on Terror – Aafia Siddiqui’s Struggle Persists On 6th July Court Hearing Afia says “Because I want to speak about the facts that this courtroom is run by Zionists, they want to diagnose me and medicate me so that I cannot speak.” “I want to make peace in the wars of Afghanistan and Pakistan, I want to make peace but the Zionists do not want peace.” Can you tell the people? She pleaded, “You have to get this out to them” she cried….  The forced strip searching has to stop, they must stop torturing me I understand America’s economy she said… If I die in prison you must let it be known… It might be the Americans that are doing the torture but the Israeli Zionists mastermind the torture, and I’m not saying the Jews.

Aafia Is Ruled Fit for U.S. Trial in October She is fit for trial or not but the real question is whether US court itself is fit for delivering justice or to analyze cooked stories of FBI & US authorities

Aafia rejects govt’s offer for lawyer

Video Heart Breaking Nasheed on Dr Afia Siddiqui

Ex-gitmo detainee reveals identity of prisoner 650 as Dr. Siddiqui

Video Dr Afia Siddiqui Children Report By Rabiah Baig

The intriguing case of Dr Aafiya Siddiqui -by Yvonne Ridley

Video Watch Story of Dr Afia in GEO FIR

Video : Yvonne ridley -The plight of Dr Aafia Siddiqui

Video : Mozaam begg-The Plight of Dr. Aafia Sidiqui

Videos Updates : Dr Afia Sddiqui

Prisoner No. 650 and a war on innocents


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