Dr Aafia’s Kidnapping & Abduction – Statement by Najeeb Ahmed (Journalist)

December 15, 2009

Last public statements of Najeeb Ahmed, one of Pakistan’s eminent investigative journalists and former President Press Club Karachi. In the video he says he had proof of Aafia’s abduction and handover. He gave the statement at Human Right Network’s conference for Aafia and Missing Persons, held at Karachi Press Club on 9th Dec 2009.

Unfortunately he died a day after making this statement.

May Allah shower his blessings on the departing soul.


“When Dr Aafia Siddiqui was picked up by FBI and Pakistan Army, this was reported (in 2003) in many newspapers and I was among them who reported this news and this is reality that our forces arrested Dr Aafia and handed over to FBI, and as per my investigations and information I was able to get, she was interrogated here first in Army cells and then she was shifted to Afghanistan. After many years, when this secret was disclosed, she has been transferred from Afghanistan to USA on the basis of false accusation”